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New Jersey Rollover Truck Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been involved in a rollover truck accident, you know just how catastrophic these accidents can be. Victims of these collisions suffer severe physical, emotional, and financial losses, and even death.

While rollover truck accidents make up a small percentage of commercial vehicle crashes, they usually cause the most damage. Rollover accidents are typically the result of driver error or trucking company negligence. If you sustained injuries, Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

A truck rolling over can lead to multi-vehicle collisions and cause severe injuries and fatalities. Dealing with insurance companies is often a complex process requiring specific documentation and following strict deadlines.

The New Jersey attorneys at Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers can help you prove that the trucker or trucking company that employed them was to blame for the wreck so that you can recover the settlement you need. Our experienced truck accident attorneys are your best option to win the money owed to you, so you can heal and move forward with your life. Call us today at (973) 364-8300 to schedule your free consultation.

What Causes a Rollover Truck Accident?

A study determining the common reasons large commercial trucks roll over revealed four major contributors: speed adjustment, driver inattention, improper steering, and cargo loads.

Speed adjustment: When a truck travels around curves or downhill, the driver must adjust their speed accordingly. If they don’t account for sharp turns or steep inclines, they could lose control and roll over. The cargo load on a commercial vehicle always determines how fast the trucker needs to go. Loads can shift or even fall off the truck during transport, resulting in a rollover crash. Traveling at the correct speed in specific conditions can ensure the cargo and trailer stay securely in place.

Driver inattention: When anyone gets behind the wheel, remaining focused and attentive is crucial. Taking your eyes off the road for a second can have serious consequences. Truck drivers work long hours and travel hundreds of miles in a single shift. If they doze off, the truck could crash into another car or stationary object and roll over. Texting while driving, talking on the phone, and eating are also forms of driver inattention that could result in a rollover accident.

Steering: Commercial trucks have a front cab and trailer carrying cargo. Proper steering techniques are necessary to keep sections of the vehicle in line. If the driver steers too quickly or doesn’t adjust to their surrounding conditions, they could cause the truck to tip and roll.

Cargo loads: The goods transported by truckers daily are bulky and take up a lot of space in the trailer. Employees need to ensure they load everything in a way consistent with trucking industry standards. If they fail to load everything evenly or don’t take note of the height and weight requirements, the cargo can shift or fall out during transport, resulting in a rollover crash.

New Jersey Trucking Laws

The New Jersey Department of Transportation regulates the trucking industry and sets laws to ensure operators and vehicles meet specific requirements. Any employee or company that doesn’t meet these standards could face legal ramifications if there’s a rollover accident and someone gets hurt.

  • Commercial driver’s license: Everyone who operates a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds must pass a test to get a commercial driver’s license.
  • Display truck information: All trucks must display information, such as the owner’s name, the primary location of the business, and the gross vehicle weight rating.
  • Trucker requirements: All commercial truck employees must comply with basic driving requirements and complete physical and entry-level training.
  • Service hours: A commercial driver can drive no more than eleven hours after taking a ten-hour off-duty period. They also can’t drive unless it’s been eight hours since their last off-duty or sleeping period ends. In seven days, drivers cannot exceed sixty hours of driving time.

How to Pursue Compensation After a Rollover Accident

There are steps you need to follow if you get injured in a rollover accident. Collecting evidence can help you prove the truck driver caused the crash and should be held liable for your injuries and losses.

  1. Call 911. New Jersey law requires anyone involved in an accident to report it to law enforcement if it resulted in injury, fatality, or property damage of more than $500. An officer will investigate the scene and write a traffic crash report. Be sure to request a copy of it when it becomes available.
  2. Take photos. Take pictures of any relevant damage and other evidence you can find. Damage to both vehicles, broken glass on the road, skid marks, etc., are all critical details.
  3. Speak to witnesses. If anyone saw the accident, talk to them, and get their contact information. They could be a key witness supporting your claim that the truck driver caused the rollover accident.
  4. Seek medical care. You should go to the doctor immediately after leaving the crash scene. Undergo a thorough evaluation and follow up with the physicians they refer you to for continued treatment.
  5. Take detailed notes. Write down everything you remember about the collision, including where it happened, the date and time, everyone involved, and how it occurred.
  6. Hire an attorney—contact Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers to help you investigate the crash and collect essential evidence.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Damages

The truck driver or their employer should compensate you for the damages you incur. Damages are total losses that result from an accident, such as medical expenses. After a rollover crash, you can pursue compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Loss of past and future income
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Impairment or disfigurement
  • Permanent disability

When you file an insurance claim for damages, the assigned adjuster will review the details of the accident and all evidence you submit to determine the value of your case. They will look at various factors to decide whether or not you deserve the maximum settlement available, such as:

  • The severity of your injury
  • Length of treatment needed
  • If the accident resulted in permanent disability or physical impairment
  • The total cost of expenses
  • How much liability coverage is available from the at-fault party’s insurance policy
  • The availability of sufficient evidence proving the fault

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