The Most Dangerous Holidays

The Most Dangerous Holidays >

The Most Dangerous Holidays

The holiday season naturally involves travel for many New Jersey residents. With more vehicles on the road, the chances of crashes occurring increase. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that intoxicated driving is more common during the holidays.

What are the most dangerous holidays? Various factors can influence one’s odds of being hurt in a crash or other such incidents during the holidays. Understanding these risk factors may help you guard against harm.

The Most Dangerous Holidays for Motorists in the U.S.

The National Safety Council (NSC) reviews holiday accident statistics and lists the following as the deadliest holidays on U.S. roads. We’ll provide the most recent traffic fatality predictions from the NSC for each holiday:

New Year’s Day

The NSC reports nearly half of all traffic fatalities during the 2020 New Year’s Day holiday period involved intoxicated drivers. Last year, the NSC estimated that 408 individuals would lose their lives on U.S. roads during the 2023 New Year’s Day holiday period. This makes it one of the most dangerous holidays for all motorists and pedestrians.

Memorial Day

The NSC’s estimate for the 2023 Memorial Day holiday period indicated approximately 469 people would lose their lives on U.S. roads during that holiday. Fatalities aren’t the only consequences of traffic accidents, of course; others could be injured in accidents and require significant medical treatment.

The NSC must review the 2023 data to determine if its predictions were correct. The NSC arrives at its predictions based on past holiday accident statistics and analysis of current driving trends.

Independence Day

The NSC estimated that 619 people may have lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes during the 2023 Independence Day holiday period. The length of a holiday period, as defined by the NSC, can vary from year to year, depending on which day of the week the actual holiday falls on.

Independence Day fell on a Tuesday in 2023. According to the NSC, that means the Independence Day holiday period began the previous Friday. This is one of the reasons the NSC predicted such a high number of traffic fatalities during the period.

Labor Day

Labor Day is another one of America’s deadliest holidays due to the combination of high traffic and intoxicated driving. The NSC states intoxicated driving contributes to approximately 41 percent of Labor Day traffic fatalities.

The NSC estimated 455 people would lose their lives in motor vehicle wrecks during the 2023 Labor Day holiday period. Because Labor Day is always a Monday, the Labor Day holiday period always begins the Friday before.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving accidents may be relatively common, unfortunately. The NSC’s annual estimate for the 2023 Thanksgiving holiday period indicates Thanksgiving accidents may have resulted in approximately 507 fatalities.

Thanksgiving is another extended holiday period. It begins the Wednesday night before when many people begin traveling or celebrating. It ends the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving Day.

Christmas Day

Christmas is among the most widely celebrated holidays in the U.S. Thus, a motorist might expect it to be the most dangerous day to drive.

That’s not the case. The NSC only predicted 346 traffic deaths during the 2022 Christmas holiday period. In addition, alcohol plays a role in about 39 percent of fatal Christmas accidents. That’s a slightly lower rate than in other types of crashes.

Driving During the Most Dangerous Holidays: How to Protect Yourself

Highway road traffic jamKnowing it may be dangerous to travel during the holidays doesn’t mean you can cancel your plans. However, you can take steps to stay safe on the road this time of year. Those steps include the following:

  • Be aware of your speed
  • Try to stay off the road late at night and during early morning hours when motorists may be more likely to be sleep-deprived or intoxicated
  • Check weather conditions before driving
  • Plan out routes for longer trips so you can avoid areas where accidents are common
  • If you’re even slightly drowsy, don’t assume you’re still alert enough to drive
  • Either don’t drink and drive or choose a designated driver you know you can trust

Taking these steps can reduce your crash risk. However, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll never sustain injuries in a car crash during the holidays. Even if you’re cautious, you may get hurt due to the negligence of another party.

New Jersey is a no-fault state. You can seek compensation from your own insurance for medical expenses and lost wages after a crash in NJ. If you opted for an unlimited right to sue when you purchased your auto insurance, you can sue the person who caused the crash. If you chose the limited right to sue option, you may also seek compensation from the negligent party who caused your crash if your injuries are particularly severe.

Call us if you were injured in an accident caused by someone else, and discuss your case with one of our attorneys. At Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers, a New Jersey car accident lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Call us at (973) 364-8300 for a free case review.

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