Five Tips: How to Prevent Autumn Car Accidents

Five Tips: How to Prevent Autumn Car Accidents >

When the season changes from summer to fall, drivers can encounter a range of new hazards that didn’t exist before. The summer months are often spent enjoying the warm weather by the pool or at a backyard barbeque. Many people leave town for vacation. Unfortunately, the return of autumn presents various challenges you might not have had to deal with during the last couple of months.

It’s critical to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe whenever you get behind the wheel of your car. With the appropriate safety measures, you could prevent an accident. Follow these tips so you don’t spend the new season recovering from a devastating injury following a car accident.

Be on the Lookout for Children

The return of fall also means a new school year has begun. There are more child pedestrians than usual, especially in school zones. Some kids walk to school, crossing streets and taking shortcuts through parking lots to get there. If you’re not paying attention to where you’re going, you could crash into a child crossing the road at a crosswalk.

State law requires all motorists to slow down when the lights flash in school zones. Even if you’re in a rush, you should always proceed with caution, so you don’t place a child at risk of serious harm. Stop at any crosswalk you encounter and thoroughly scan the area for anyone walking across the road.

Be Mindful of Other Drivers

When the summer ends, you might see a significant increase in traffic. That’s because residents return from their summer trips to go back to work or school. Autumn is a time when you might see more cars on the roads, meaning you have to stay alert no matter where you drive.

Driver error is a common cause of car crashes. If you look down at your cell phone to send a text, speed, or behave recklessly at the wheel, you’re more likely to collide with another vehicle. It’s critical to pay attention to everyone around you so that you can stop or slow down whenever necessary.

Handle Environmental Hazards with Care

Environmental factors can lead to dangerous road conditions. You should watch out for fallen leaves on roadways. Leaves can hide potholes, tree limbs, and other hazards. If you become distracted and don’t notice what you’re about to drive over, you could lose control of your vehicle and crash.

The sun also sets earlier when Daylight Saving Time ends. That means you could end up driving at night more often, especially if you don’t get out of work until five or six.

Nighttime driving can be a challenge after you tend to your daily responsibilities. You might have a harder time focusing or even staying awake at the wheel. Be sure you remain alert at all times while driving so you don’t end up on a collision course with another motorist.

Maintain Your Car

You must keep your car in tip-top shape to avoid malfunctioning parts and systems. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep everything running as usual. That means you should top off low fluids, put more air into deflated tires, and repair damage to the vehicle.

If a manufacturer issues a recall on a faulty part, replace it immediately. Something like a recalled braking system could prevent you from coming to a complete stop at a traffic light, resulting in a collision.

Slow Down During Dangerous Conditions

You should always slow down and proceed with caution if you encounter dangerous conditions. Adverse weather, such as heavy rainfall, can cause slippery roads and flooding. If you speed, your car could hydroplane, causing you to lose control.

Strong wind is a hidden danger that can also lead to accidents. The wind can push your vehicle all over the road, preventing you from staying in the lane.

Whether you face a thunderstorm, icy roads, or rain, adjust your speed so you can stop or maneuver out of the way to avoid an accident when necessary.

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Written by: Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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